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Painter - France 

In another style and with a more graphical gesture, she takes scenes from everyday life on the spot, with a few brush strokes, suggesting a shape, a movement, an atmosphere... that she gets from themes she finds interesting.

Speciality     Painting

Type of art   Figurative

Technique    Mixed, oil and collage on canvas

Artistic career


Martine Dinet is native from Reims but now lives in the French Ardennes. She works in her studio in Aussonce, a little village in the Ardennes, but also in Entrechaux, in the Vaucluse, where she spends a few months a year.

She has been taught by Jean-Pierre Lazagne, a painter from Montmartre, since 1992.



Statufied bodies, or humanized statues?


Thanks to her Graeco-Roman encounters in her Provence of adoption, Martine Dinet, sensitive to the aesthetic aspects of unfinished bodies, distorts fragmented and unstructured stone statues and bodies, offering us a very personal interpretation of the past.

Her meditative and contemplative characters are often painted in monochrome, on backgrounds made of crumpled papers and faded colours.






Whether delayed in time thanks to the symbolic choice of the subject, or more actual, her powerful and really modern touch captures the light and gives depth to the subject.

The universe of Martine Dinet is symbolic, mystic and figurative

Her family comes from the line of the orientalist painter Etienne DINET (1861-1929)

Martine Dinet


President of “L’Atelier d’Art” in Retherl (Ardennes)

since 1992


Member of the Art Ô Soleil (Vaucluse)

since 2010


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